Welcome to Like To Try Website.

This website created to help people learn how to started making Website from beginner level.
Like To Try Website provide sample website for free which you can use for practice and understanding, as long as you have internet connection you can use it the free sample website.
Like To Try Website has unlimited bandwidth but have limited storage, so be wisely to use this free sample website for your practice to making website from beginning. If this sample website has error, don’t hesitate to contact me on [here]

Author provided 3 sample website builder for free.
1. WordPress = Website design to making Blog [here]

2. Joomla = Website design to making complex Content Management System [here]

3. Abante = Website design to making e-Commerce [here]

After you are confidence already to make website and want to start to make website using your own domain and hosting, you can visit on this domain and hosting provider :

International Provider Indonesia Provider

Try it first

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